The Perfect Gift for Mom! NY Times Bestselling author Joan W. Anderson’s “Mom Knows Best”

The Perfect Gift for Mom!  NY Times Bestselling author Joan W. Anderson’s “Mom Knows Best”

New York Times Bestselling author Joan W. Anderson has put away the diapers, strollers and strained spinach and brings us her hilarious stories of her five children as they go through their toddler years, teenage years and young adulthood. She intuitively captures what we all fear at each of these stages and brings levity to her daily encounters. Most Moms try to make everything perfect for their husbands and children, no matter what the cost to themselves. Joan recognizes these stressful situations all Moms face and turns them inside out. From setting New Year’s Resolutions for everyone but herself, to taking a day off so her husband can see for himself exactly what she does all day, her maternal instincts may not be the most conventional, but they are wise and entertaining.

MOM KNOWS BEST addresses the inevitable changes in family life, such as dating, proms, jobs, college, and the ever-present text messages. But it also points out the ambivalent nature of parenting during the second half of the job. Anderson shares these stories in such a heartfelt and motivating style that you get to know her family and husband as if they were your own. We get to meet her neighbors (The Hickory Nuts) and the numerous neighborhood children that join in on any and all festivities.

Some of the stories include:

• My Resolutions for OTHER people
• Going to Harvard… or someplace
• Where do the pounds go when you’re not paying attention?
• Clothes Encounters
• Has Anyone Seen My

MOM KNOWS BEST concludes with one of her boys getting married and leaves you with the expectation that grandchildren will soon be her next topic. Stay tuned!

About the author…

Joan Wester Anderson began her writing career in 1973 with a series of family humor articles for local newspapers and Catholic publications. She was a monthly columnist for two national magazines in the 80s and has published more than one thousand articles and short stores in a variety of major publications. Her book, Where Angels Walk: True Stores of Heavenly Visitors hit the New York Times bestseller list for over a year, and has sold upwards of 2 million copies and has been translated into fourteen languages. She is also the author of “Where Miracles Happen” , “An Angel to Watch Over Me”, “Forever Young”, “In the Arms of Angels”, “Guardian Angels”, “Angels and Wonders” and “Angelic Tales”.

“Moms Go Where Angels Fear to Tread” is the first book sharing her wonderful family stories. It follows Joan’s path as a newlywed and new mother of five. Anderson graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, and is a former adjunct professor at Harper Community College. She and her husband live in suburban Chicago and have five grown children and five grandchildren. Tap into Joan’s blog at

Author: Joan West Anderson
Cedar Fort, Inc
ISBN: 978-1-4621-1049-0
Trade paper, $13.99, pp 176
April, 2012

Contact: Lissy Peace & Associates