Socially Responsible Ebook Niche Marketing Guide

Socially Responsible Ebook Niche Marketing Guide

WARNING WARNING Updated 16 June 2013

The Niche Marketing Cure for ‘Branditis’

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The contents of this FreEbook MAY call into question MOST of what You have read about Marketing an Ebook. Anything I present here is based solely on my personal work, research, and innummerable skinned nose parts from actually attempting these techniques.


We will demonstrate with a series of Ebook marketing case studies a fresh approach to delivering socially responsible ebooks through a modified MBA (Marketing by Association) technique. Based on my nearly 45 years of experience in different aspects of publishing and channel marketing.

The Freebooklet is updated as our ‘It’s a Jungle Out There’ ebook niche marketing campaigns progress and reflect actual milestones from in place ebook projects.

We use a “No Secrets” approach and Full disclosure in alignment with Socially Responsible Consulting practices.

For anyone with an ebook idea that needs to follow a super niche marketing and channel path directly to their focused community, this narrative may be quite helpful.

Patrick D.

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