Selling Your Novel: 7 Tips for Novelists

Selling Your Novel: 7 Tips for Novelists

John’s Novel Marketing Answer:

There are two main ways I can help you sell your novel. 1) Buy and read my book, 1001 Ways to Market Your Books. And 2) Buy and read my Book Marketing Magic multimedia ebook. I created these two products to help you sell more books. That simple.

But, I presume you were asking for some marketing tips. Here are 7 short tips:

1. Set up some bookstore appearances where you will give a reading or dramatization from your novel – and where you can sell your book via the bookstore.

2. Get interviewed on national TV shows. Figure out how to tie your novel into some current event. Your novel, for example, would have tied into the tragedy of Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting in Arizona or the Newtown school shootings.