Reclaim Your Heart | FB Publishing

Reclaim Your Heart | FB Publishing

Reclaim Your Heart, by Yasmin Mogahed, is an inspirational oriented self-help book, written from the perspective of a Muslim woman. A must-read book for anyone who seeks to mend their heart, it is a practical and spiritual look at how to understand and manage pain and disappointment as well as happiness and love. Its aim is to help you put everything into perspective and shift your focus on what really matters in your life: Your relationship with God. There is no doubt that we will experience hardships in life, but after you read this book your hardships will be a lot easier to deal with.

Well written, clear and crisp, the writer uses her own experiences to give a very logical and simple means of understanding deep issues such as, ” what is the purpose of our existence?” or “why do we experience distress and pain?”. It is focused on today’s world with relevant metaphors to describe how God does things in his great wisdom that sometimes are hard to understand at certain points in our lives.

This book is not only for people from the faith of Islam, but for anyone who believes in one true God and for anyone that feels they may be slipping in their faith. It is relatable and personable and speaks to all believers on all paths, but also truly capturing the essence of what Islam teaches us about the nature of this life.

By reading this book, you will be able to make sense of why things happen the way they happen in life, and how to deal with them in a productive way that will cause you to be happy from within, and it will help you to react to hardships in a way that brings you closer and closer to God. This book is both for every Muslim who wants to purify his or her heart and soul, and for anyone seeking true happiness in this imperfect world.