Jeremy is excited to travel with his band, Majestic, to China for six months. His girlfriend Amber, not so much. Their relationship is on the line but Jeremy wants to follow his passion. Jeremy is torn between his relationship and his dream.

Kim is highly upset that her husband invited his sister Lena and her three kids to live with them. Lamar wants Kim to stop being stubborn and try to be friends with Lena. Kim feels that Lamar isn’t being supportive and is starting to second-guess her marriage.

Travis feels he found the one. He loves everything about Riley, except that she’s still friends with her ex. Travis has expressed his concerns with the friendship. Riley feels Travis is being controlling and continues on with her friendship with Bellamy. Travis is starting to lose trust in Riley.

Will Jeremy choose his relationship or career? Will Kim let her dislike for her sister-in-law ruin her marriage? Will Travis allow his distrust in Riley to lose out on the love of his life?

We’re told love conquers all, but does it really?