Award Winning “But By the Chance of War” by Richard Lyons

Award Winning “But By the Chance of War”  by Richard Lyons

“The more sensible approach to this opus is to be patient, exploring each within the context of a series of book club discussions or even an entire course offered to students of poetics, classical literature, history, or philosophy. An epic work of this magnitude deserves that kind of time, attention, and scholarship.” US Review of Books
“But By the Chance of War, a new and monumental work from Richard C. Lyons, is a book that encompasses both of these aspects, presenting the reader with a truly epic journey into the expansive ability of prose while encouraging our deep reflection on the subject within its pages.” Literary Inkling
“But By Chance of War” is well worth considering for fans of quality poetry, highly recommended. Midwest Review of Books

“But By the Chance of War” by Richard C. Lyons, just recently released is a uniquely different type of book. Between its covers, the book presents four dramatic stories of war from India’s fight with the Ephalite Huns, to the Fall of Fort Niagara, in the Seven Years War, to the trenches of World War I, and finally to modern day circumstances and actions in the Middle East. Author Richard C. Lyons took a creative approach to presenting his stories by writing in a dramatic poetic style. This rhythmic style is not only entertaining, but also enlightening to the tragic and sometimes violent stories presented. The reader cannot but marvel at his use of words and poetic timing.

A project that took years to complete, “But By the Chance of War” (ISBN: 978-0-615-53205-9) captures the reader and takes them through the ages presenting the similar issues and strife of four different global conflicts in history. It also interweaves historical accomplishments in the sciences and technological invention that impact humanities ability for good and ill. It also looks at the role of man at points in history and possibly our future which could not only start but also stop war.

“But By the Chance of War” is broken into four distinctive stories that can be read individually or in the order presented.

MATHURA: Set in the Gupta Empire in 515 C.E. The fall of Mathura to the Ephalite Huns after a heroic battle between Prince Chandra Gupta and his Indian forces and Tomara along with Uldin, the warlord of the Huns, India loses an emotional battle with many fleeing by boat to other lands.

NIAGARA: Set in Fort Niagara, in the year 1759, the high point of the French and Indian War in America. Fort Niagara lay between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie and is held by the French but is under siege by the English. A group of Seneca Indians, who are committed in their loyalty to France, struggle as the English wish to conquer their strategically integral territory, and the Indians must surrender. They are given three days by the English to surrender, but when the officer who promises their leader three days to adapt to the new reality is killed, trouble ensues.

AMIENS: Set in the trenches of France, March 21, 1918. The British Fifth Army along with the Empire’s soldiery from Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, India, and South Africa, battle overwhelming odds in facing the last major offensive of the German army during World War I.

MORIAH: Set in modern times in Jerusalem. The United States comes to the aid of Israel to help protect the ancient, beleaguered city when an accidental nuclear blast goes off in the Middle East. An Islamic leader sees this as an affront of war and begins retaliating, causing our allies and foes to begin a nuclear war which spreads throughout the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

“But By the Chance of War” examines our impulses towards combat and encourages the reader to contemplate the seemingly inexplicable dynamic towards destruction despite our conscious knowledge of war’s ultimate futility. Each dramatic story features memorable characters who come to grips with the implication of technological advances that hasten the scope and velocity of casualties as they grapple with the moral questions of individual responsibility, the nature of military leadership and the impact of the evolution of war on civilizations. Each story looks also at the religions governing at the time and the region, and how those beliefs impact the decisions made. “But By the Chance of War” is also a lesson in survival. As we look at history and how it has shaped us, how will we move forward in an age when technology and weaponry are meant to destroy everything in its path?

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About the author…

Born in Evanston, Illinois and raised on the North Shore of Chicago, Richard C. Lyons has been a life-long admirer of the written word. Lyons interweaves his self-motivated education in history, philosophy and Poetry throughout “But by the Chance of War.” Professionally, Lyons is a third generation printer, whose father dedicated his life to education in the publishing field. Lyons has been directly and indirectly involved in the Printing, Publishing, Stage and Television production industries throughout his professional career. His education background took him through Loyola Academy, the University of North Texas and a graduate career at Southern Methodist University, Cox School of Business. Mr. Lyons now resides in Chicago with his wife and two children.

Author: Richard C. Lyons
Lylea Creative Resources
ISBN: 978-0-615-53205-9
Fall, 2012, Hardcover, pp 484, $26.95
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