Are Ebook Sales Declining?

Are Ebook Sales Declining?

If you don’t understand the new multimedia interactive standards in epub books, it’s time you start to check it out.

Ebooks are not going to remain as digital copies of printed books. They are going to push the meaning of books to an entirely new standard for the future — and they should. Think video inside books. Think audio inside books. Think interactivity, including the incorporation of websites and apps, inside books. We’ve had a taste of this in PDF before, but when ereaders and ebooks incorporate these standards, things are going to explode even more.

In reality, all the apps for smartphones and tablets have already changed the world of reading. Apps, after all, are simply books in a different format. Indeed, we are already living in this new world of the future. And, sadly, most publishers have barely incorporated this new world into their publishing programs.

And most authors have also ignored the new world of apps and multimedia ebooks. That includes me. Alas.

But things are changing, and we need to change with them.